Monday, January 7, 2013

Say Whatttt!!!??? I'm BACK!

So it's been how many years since I've posted?  I've been thinking about this blog here and there and even tried to find it once.  It couldn't find it.  At all.  There were other mama drama blogs but none were mine nor were they as cool (I have boobies on mine!). 

So here I am.  My blog will contain fun events that happen but I will be adding other random stuff now.  Since it's been about 2 years that I got my boobs that is old news.  By the way, they are still wonderfully amazing, even more so now that they are all settled in.  I dare to say they are the best fake boobs I've ever seen and I am glad they are on ME :)

Since I've been gone I went through one career and moved into my current in-between career.  I became a personal trainer and was going to get a fancy degree and all but realized it's so boring. It was fun when I had clients who were able bodied but most weren't.  They were either old or overweight which meant their workouts were slower and more repetitive.  I liked being able to help those people but for me, it was very boring.  So I quit personal training but I am still keeping my options open just in case an exciting opportunity comes up.  I started bartending at a few places and made great money but the lifestyle wasn't for me.  We weren't allowed to drink while working which was fine with me but I was expected to come out on all my nights off to drink and spend money.  Two kids don't make that very easy, plus I've never really been one to go out a lot.  So I moved on from that to what I am doing now.  Promotional modeling.  It's super easy work that pays really well.  I normally represent a company and give people free stuff and encourage people to enter a to win a new car or something like that.  I only work weekends so it leaves me the entire week to spend with my babies.  But this isn't something I can do forever.  They want young and pretty faces and I'm 26 so I've only got so much longer.  I started taking courses to apply for nursing school last summer and I plan to do labor and delivery nursing, if that's how things work out.  I am also considering applying to the ultrasound tech program.  I think I would prefer L&D nursing though.  Things are different everyday and I get to be a part of one of the most joyous moments of a persons life.  This semester will be my hardest yet but I need to hurry up and get some sort of degree since I've been at a community college for 4 years!

Now that I've found my blog (thanks to my sister!) I will be back soon to relieve my brain some more :)

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