Saturday, April 30, 2011

ok. nevermind that.

Matt decided to go get a drink so I will write a post :)

With all this warm weather, Im not spending much time at home.  So it makes it hard to find time to sit down and type up a post.  Where do I start?  My BABY is almost 2!  Makes me so sad.   She was my first little tiny love and now shes this grown little thing who thinks she rules the world.  Some *jerk* taught Bella the word "mine" a few months ago.  Ive made a point to never use that word with her and have told a few people not to use it.  But i cant control what happens when im not there :(  EVERYTHING is hers.  No matter what it is, its hers.  I heard her talking to herself listing things that were hers.  On the list : "MY toes".  Haha!  Of course theyre yours silly!  If i touch her hair, she yells at me "no mamma! MY hair!".  Of course it is.  Its fairly funny but can be quite annoying at the same time.  Sammi.  Oh Sammi. My little scaredy cat.  She WAS walking.  Then she decided that she was too scared.  And that was that.

Oooh so I forgot i wanted to post about the ghost in my house.  (which also reminds me i need to make matt take me to see Insidious).  So matt and i both agree that there is a ghost in the house.  We've seen her, same places, just different times.  Nothing major has ever really happened.  The most physical thing is when one of us will be in bed alone and you can feel a person sit down on the bed.  Not like a light movement but the bed seriously sinks down.  Creepy!  Well last week I was watching matt's sister's 3 kids.  We were all outside and the oldest (shes 8) came running to me saying as soon as she walked in the house, a vase on the mantel over the fireplace fell over.  This was like 5 minutes after telling her about the ghost.  I know she couldnt have gone in and knocked it down because i saw her only walk in the door and come right back out.  I went to clean it up and you could see the spot where it was (from my dust haha).  It was NO WHERE near the edge.  All the doors and windows were close so it couldnt have been the wind.  Not to mention, its a heavy vase and like i said, it was no where near the edge.  So how did it fall?  Crazy!  The girl was kinda freaking out.  Me, I was a little excited but freaked out at the same time.

The next day i went out back for some reason.  There was this huge bumble bee and it came it got RIGHT in my face.  It just stayed right in the spot and looked at me.  When i tried to move away and followed me and got right in front of my face.  There are tons of wasps and hornets that are in my back yard.  Everytime one came in the yard, the bumble bee flew after it and chased it away and the came right back in front of my face.  It did that like 6 or 7 times.  I even saw it fly way far away across the street and to another house and then it came right back to my face again.  What the hell??!!?!  A part of me thinks it was my brother protecting me from the wasps and hornets :) or maybe it was a rabid bumble bee?

Work. Oh good ol' work.  Them assholes.  They only schedule me one day a week.  No surprise, that isnt enough money!  The manager likes the other girl who shoudlnt be working there so she gets to work fridays instead of me.   2 fridays ago she didnt show up, didnt call nothing.  So last week i was texting the manager asking if she still worked there so i could find out if i was working friday or not.  Turns out the owner hired back another girl he fired to work that day!  Really?!   You not going to give me the shift?! Ughhhhh!!! I need to find a new job but its really hard to go job hunting when you have 2 children and school to work around.  I think tomorrow i will go to a bar down at the beach and see if i can get a job.  I saw that they were hiring bartenders.  I also have contemplated doing bikini contests.  They have them every so often next door.  Theyre called the International Bikini team and they have contests all over the region.  The ones ive seen, the girls arent very cute, at all.  So maybe i have a chance?  I would say thats an easy couple hundred dollars, right?  I just have to make sure matt is ok with it.  If he is, my first one will be May 14.  Ive got the boobs, mine as well make them worth the cost ;)

I know theres a lot more i wanted to write about.  I just cant remember it all.  I try to think about it and come back.

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