Tuesday, March 15, 2011

uh oh! lets get down! Sammi's turning 1!

My lil baby is turning 1 next week.  In the past 2 months shes developed her cute personality.  Shes a little love bug.  She loves to be held or to lay on top of you and watch whats going on around her.  If she can, she crawls all over you and lays all over you hoping you will rub her back or her hair.  She might be walking in a month or so!  Shes walking like a mad women with her stroller and has taken a few steps to matt or i.  When i tell her no she gets the biggest smile to try and convince that its really ok that shes about to eat that penny.  Or she will just shake her head no at me.  Like shes telling me no for telling her no.

Just want to stop real quick and inform you that bella just pulled her pants out of the dirty clothes and was wiping them all over her face (i think in an attempt to wipe her nose).  Nasty (and funny) part is that she just peed in those about 15 mins ago..... grosssss

K. Back to sammi.  I put a pillow in her crib last night and she loved it.  She tosses and turns so much all night.  Shes always laying on pillows and blankets everywhere so I figured she might like it.  She woke up in the exact same spot so im assuming shes comfy :)  She doesnt talk much yet.  She says mom and no.  But thats it.  She understands things pretty well though.  She hasnt showed interest in any one toy or book.  Other than musical intruments.  We have little baby drums and a baby guitar and those are basically the only things she plays with out of her gazillion toys.  She still has no hair :)  I was really hoping she would have enough for a pony tail by her first birthday but i wouldnt even be able to get a clip in there.  But i love putting the headbands on her and honestly think they would be way cuter on her than a little pony tail.  Bella had tons of hair at this point so its a fun change.

Sammi's party is the 26th.  I thought it wasnt going to happen (deja vu!) but its still going on.  Shes going to love it since there will be an infinite amount of people to hold her and dote on her.  She loves that!  I had planned on doing some sort of theme but couldnt think of one i really liked.  We had initally said we were doing a "fiesta" but i decided i didnt like it because i couldnt find cute girly "fiesta" decorations.  So it will be a normal barbeque but we will still have margaritas :)  I think im going to her cake the same colors as her room: white, black, and hot pink.  Matts family wont be there though.  Which I feel bad saying but im happy about that.  We get to avoid all the unnecessary drama and the nasty eye rolls from his mom and sister.  His other sister decided to have her 2 kids birthday parties on the same day?  Im sure his mom had something to do with this.  Matts known for at least 2 weeks now that sammi's bday was that day so im sure he told his mom at some point.  Wouldnt they assume or at least keep it in mind that I would have sammi's party the weekend after her birthday?  Im not movign it to sunday either because all my family is driving 4 hours from maryland to be there and i dont want them to have to drive back and go back to work the next morning.  So, I dont care if his family is there or not.  It means that i can now invite some of my friends since there will be more room :) But of course, if his sister decides to move her party to sunday, they are more than welcome.

Im looking forward to the next 4 days.  Its supposed to be upper 60s and lower 70s.  I always have the best days when the weather is warm.  Not sure how im going to take advantage of the days but im sure they will be well spent :)

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