Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun weekend :)

Things have been crazy in my personal life but I wasnt going to let that spoil a beautiful weekend.  I took the girls to the aquarium yesterday and spent a lot of time at the park today.  They loved the aquarium!  A lot more than i thought they would.  Bella got to walk the whole time and of course she loved that freedom.  Sammi got to touch a sting ray too.  I have a really neat picture of sammi.  Theres a dark room with a big glass from floor to ceiling with big fish and sea turtles swimming in it.  Sammi was leaning up against the glass looking in and a sea turtle came up right in front of her and was looking at her.  I tried to get pictures of bella but she hasnt been very friendly to the camera for a while now. 

We met my friend angela at the park today.  She has a 1 year old named bella.  We ate some lunch and let the babies play.  I was a little shocked when i pulled up to the park, though.  The parking lot was full which is weird because theres normally not a single person there.  But then i look over by the creek and theres about 20 people dressed up in medieval outfits (men and women) and they were jousting and sword fighting. I had to laugh because ive only seen that stuff in movies.  It was strange to see it in real life.  Im not hating on them by any means.  Everyone needs hobbies.  But some of them were weird.  One of the ladies came over and sat on the swing and had a conversation with 2 little kids playing.  Except for the kids had their backs turned to her and were completely and obviously ignoring her. (they werent hers either). 

Im not sure who designs playgrounds but theyre not very safety concerned.  Ive seen more than one playground that has a bridge that curves up (i cant think of the term right now).  So when a kid is going from the highest point of the bridge they are on a decline.  A steep one.  And smaller kid like bella doesnt have perfect balance so it makes her speed up as shes walking down it.  Ok, no biggie.  But why would you put a large opening 2 feets from the bridge?  So my kid can be walking to fast and not be able to stop herself and fly right through the opening and fall 5 feet to the ground.  Yeah, not such a smart idea mr. architechs!  Bella thinks its funny because i chase her (from the ground) back and forth to make sure she doesnt fall off.

My boobs are not sore at all now.  Im not allowed to wear a bra for 6 weeks so i wear a tank top underneath my shirt.  They are still a little high up but dont look strange.  Just extra perky ;)  I need to take some more picture tonight.  The bottoms are starting to really soften up.  Its starting to feel like a real boob.  I cant wait for the rest of it to feel that way.  The tops are still pretty firm.  But i am starting to feel a little bounce in them!  Like if im walking fast or going up or down the steps.  Im thinking when they are completely healed theyre going to look and feel like real boobs.  Yay!

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