Monday, March 21, 2011

do i HAVE to put a title?

Yeah, i dont really like thinking of titles for these things.

I havent posted in a little while.  Haven't had much going, not really anything interesting going on.  I went back to work saturday night.  It was quite interesting.  Ive never seen so many skank-nasty girls in one spot!  Well I have, but at least not at work.  There was this group of 3 chicks that took the cake for being the nastiest.  The most-nasty one was actually really pretty and then her 2 friends were really chunky but in all the wrong places.  Anyways they were dressed in unflattering black dresses and dancing all over each other.  Well, i cant call it dancing.  Really they were having porno-style sex, but with clothes on.  No lie.  At one point, the pretty girl was lying on her back on the dj stage with one foot by her ear while her friend was almost on top of her humping her vigorously.  Then the biggest of the girls was behind her raming her hips into her friends ass.  This was all night.  Then if they could find a guy without a gag reflex, they would do this on top of him.  Or the pretty girl would push him down on the dj stage and kneel over his face and rub her crotch on her face (all to the beat of the music).  Most guys tried to get away as fast as possible.  At the end of the night there was a limo full of guys literally dropping dollar bills in a line to the door of the limo.  The middle nasty girl followed and got in the limo but ended up getting out.  Apparantly these girls were at the bar last saturday too doing the same stuff.  And the cook messed with two of them in his car. ughhh...yuck!  I told him to not come near me because i didnt want any of the diseases he caught to jump off of him.

Friday was so beautiful!!  I was 88 degrees and sunny.  My kinda day!  I took the girls to the beach around 4 and matt met us there after he got off work. I brought bella's baby stroller and she LOVED it.  She felt so special that she got to push her baby in a stroller.  Although it took us about 20 minutes to go 10 feet because her baby had to be in the stroller *perfectly*.  Shes stop every 5 seconds to adjust the baby or adjust the sun shade.  It was so cute.

On thursday (sorry for the backtracking) i got one of my favorite pictures of the girls.  It was st. patricks day and they had on cute little matching outfits and they both sat next to each other and smiled at the same time (this is rare!).

My boo bear is going to be 1 in 2 days!  And bella will be 2 in 2 months!  Theyre getting too big :(  They are going to be annoying teenagers before i know it ;)

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  1. OMG, they are just so cute!!!

    And that is nasty about the skanks!!! Yuck! Thanks for that visual! :P