Friday, March 11, 2011

not my kind of day...

Matts been irritating me lately and today Im fairly pissed off at him.  The girls are freaking out probably because theyve been stuck inside with me for the past 3 days so i decided to take them for a walk.  I grabbed my keys and my spare ignition key (it has the mailbox key on it) and closed and locked the door behind me.  I didnt bother grabbing my cell phone since it wasnt going to be a long walk because it was cold.  The girls needed a nap so I figured Id wear them out a little bit so they would take good naps.  I get back to the house and go to unlock the door and my house key wasnt on my key chain! I guess matt had taken it off for whatever reason.  Im f-ing pissed!  Why would he take my key off and then not put it back?!?  Now im stuck outside in the cold with 2 tired cranky babies.  I remember I left the back door open so i run around back to see if the gate is unlocked.  Nope! Gah!  Luckily my neighbor walks out and  I ask to borrow her phone.  The only number i remember (matts at work and doesnt have his phone on him) is his moms work number.  Call her and ask who has my key and they say they dont have it.  Im fairly certain one of them does.  Anyways his sister works there too and says she should be home in an hour and a half if i want to come over there til matt gets home.  Yeah, no thanks.  I cant stand being around your undisciplined children.  I didnt say that but it was on my mind.  I ask if her husband or anyones husband or anyone is general is home to come jump the fence.  Apparantly, no.  I told them i dont have my phone so they cant call me back on that number.  I hang up, now more irritaed then when i started.  I decided to at least put the girls in the car to keep them warm.  I only have one carseat because matt took my other one out and never put it back in.  So technically i cant drive anywhere.  I go to start my car and my ignition key has also been taken off my key ring.  Luckily i had my spare because i had to check the mail.  I decide Im going to drive to matts friends house thats about 5 minutes away and pray that hes home.  I have to put sammi in the forward facing carseat because i cant turn it around because of my surgery and i had to strap bella into the seat belt in the back.  Then i hope that no one hits us and that i dont get pulled over.  That would be 2 big tickets for not having them properly strapped in carseats (its illegal to have a baby forward facing if they are under a year and/or under 20lbs).  Luckily his friend was home and came over and jumped the fence.  I called matts mom after i got them into bed and told her i was in.  She said oh well billy (matts dickhead stepdad) is on his way over, do you want me to tell him never mind?  Ummm duh!  Why the hell would i want him to come here (an hour and a half later) when Im already in the house?! 

Not what i had in mind for our walk.  But on to other things.  I havent taken any pain meds for my boobs for a few days now.  Theyre still a little tight but not too much and theyre not really sore at all.  Theyre starting to settle in and are looking like real boobs :)  Ive tried on a few different shirts and i LOVE how all my clothes looks sooooo much better on me!!  I can totally get used to this whole big boobs thing!  I always wondered if people with implants always felt like they had a fake object in their body.  And I dont feel like i do at all!  By far one of the best decisions ive ever made.

Sammi is so cute.  She likes to climb up the first step on the stairs and when i tell her no to get down.  She lowers her head and looks at me through the rails and gets a big smile on her face.  She thinks i cant see her i think. hahaha! i love it. its so cute.  But then i have to run and grab her because she WILL fall and that wouldnt be so cute.

Ill be posting some more pictures soon of the tatas.  They really starting to look good!


  1. Ugh, that sounds awful. I am so sorry. On a good note, your boobs look awesome!

  2. sounds like things are back to the same old bullshit.. you dont deserve that.not one bit..they took your damn keys, and they knew it what are they a bunch of jealous bitchs becuase you've gone from 1000000000 times better looking then them to 1000000000000?? ..its going to be really hard to bite my tounge if i see any type of disrespect from any of them toward you at sammi's party..