Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breaking in Sammi

I feel so busy lately but i feel like im not doing anything at the same time?  Its really weird, and annoying.  I feel like i have all these things to do but i dont have anytime to do them, then at the end of the day i didnt do anything at all.  I guess its not a big deal though because Im relatively happy.  The beautiful weather if finally here to stay and that in its self makes my days so much better.  I love having the windows open.  But when its nice like this, you normally wont find me at home.  I gotta be outside!  The other day i took the girls to the beach and discovered that my smallest, dearest child, doesnt like the sand.  I put her on the blanket and her feet touched the sand and you would have thought the sand was on fire!  I found it quite funny, but sammi, not so much.  She screamed bloody murder.  Hmmmm....sorry babe, this isnt going to work.  You HAVE to like the beach.  We will spending many hours here in the coming months.  So I begun the process of breaking her in.  Started by putting sand in my hand, then dripping it on her foot then covering her feet.  Next we tried to walk in it.  Well, we didnt try.  I forced her :)  I swear im a nice mom!  At the end of the trip, she was sitting in it and playing in it.  Even eating it!  2 days later at the beach, you would have never know she didnt like sand :)  Now shes a bonafide beach baby!

At the beginning of the trip.  I didnt get a good picture of her complete panic face:

At the end of the trip.  Happily playing with sand :)

One of my favorite pictures of her <3

Not much has been going on in regular life.  The only interesting thing is my boss got shot last weekend.  He was walking to his door (at his house) and had box of money from the bar.  Some guy with a ski mask came out and told him to give him the money and he said no so the guy shot him in the thigh.  He fought back and the guy shot him in the other thigh.  I dont know what happened after that but my boss is in the hospital and doing well.  Crazy, though!  That person knows where he lives!  Someone also tried to rob the owner the night before too!  People be crazy!!

I finally took some pics of my boobs.  They are wonderful :)  (my boobs not the pics).  They are so bouncy, i love it.  They are getting more and more squishy, like real boobies.  Theres no pain or discomfort what so ever. 

More flattering lighting :)

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