Monday, April 4, 2011


Summer is getting so close!  Today was 86 degrees and WINDY!  I took the girls to the beach so that bella could push her baby stroller and so they could play on the playground.  Um...well bella almost blew away.  haha really she did.  First she let got of the stroller and at raced away about 50 feet before almost crashing into a guy on his bike.  He held on to it so it didnt go any further until we were able to catch up to it.  Then while bella was still holding on the wind starting blowing like crazy and it dragged her to the edge of the boardwalk.  I grabbed her and the stroller right before they went off the side.  Then bellas purse (yeah she likes to carry a purse at the ripe age of 2) flew off her arm and down one of the sand dunes.  I couldnt leave them to go chasing after it so that purse is gone.  After that, bella was too scared to push her stroller so she got in the wagon with sammi and we went for a walk instead.  I personally thought it was all pretty funny, bella on the other hand, did not.  We went to the park later.  Heres a few pictures:  Ok i lied.  I just remembered i didnt upload the pictures yet and the camera is still in matts car.  Sorry :( 

I wanted to mention the nasty skanks that come to my work.  This week only one of the two came in.  She was laying on her back (typical) with her crotch lifted in the air while she rubbed it vigorously and also flicked her tongue around all over the place.  Then she got on all fours, putt her face on the ground (ew), reached back with one hand to grab her ass while her gross female friend humped her from behind.  Um, why would anyone come to a bar and pretend like theyre having sex? I get provactive dancing but this is straight up sex with clohes on.  Not attractive.  Most people are looking at these girls with looks of disgust.  What is wrong with these girls?!?!?!

Ok. New topic.  Boobs.  Its been 4 weeks since my surgery and things are going sooo well.  Theyre a perfect size.  Not too big or too small.  Theyre settled in more.  Theyre starting to move a lot more like when i walk.  For a little while my left one hurt a little bit.  Nurse said it was nerve pain and that it would pass in time and to keep doing the massages.  The right one hasnt had any pain at all since about 6 or 7 days after the surgery.  But now both are completely pain free.  They are *almost* to the point of feeling like real boobs.  Im trying not to judge them too much because i have still have 2 more months until they will be "finished".  But so far they are looking pretty good and feeling pretty good :)

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