Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My BABY is one!!

Sammi's first birthday was today!  And Bella will be 2 in may! Wow!  We didnt do much today.  It was a weird weather day.  At 12:30 it was 55 degrees and 4 hours later it was 72?  We went grocery shopping.  Got sammi a little mini cake while we were there.  I had school tonight and luckily matt go off early so his mom didnt have to watch them (yay).  Even better, i got out of school early :) So we ran to sams club and ate some pizza there.  We did sammi's cake when we got home.  She was soooo ready to go to bed but once she tasted the cake she was all about it!  She makes the cutest smile when i tell her to say cheese or really anytime i look at her and smile.  She scrunches her face all up to where you can barely see her eyes, sometimes they are closed.  And you can see all 4 teeth.  Ugh i love it!  Heres one from tonight:
Bella kept singing happy birthday.  It was so cute!!!  Saturday will be sammi's party.  Cant wait to have family and friends here! *MY* family and friends.  I hate having only matts family around.  Im so angry at them because it seems like they really want to break us up.  And they hate me.  Not that i EVER did anything to them.  They are the ones who did crazy shit to me.  But whatever.  Im only worried about my girls.  They dont need people like that in their lives.  They are the kind of people to talk crap about me to my children.  They do it already with his sisters kid.  Quite sad.  I really hope matt would never let that happen.  I know i would never let my family be like that.  Ive kind of gotten side tracked.....

Boobs!  My boobs over the past 2 days have dropped down a lot and theyve become really soft.  At this point they feel almost like real boobs.  If they feel like this now, in 3 months im thinking you would hardly be able to  tell that they are fake.  My left one has been having some nerve pain.  The doctor said its totally normal so hopefully it passes soon.  The right one has been completely pain free for a while now.  I have a few pictures ive been meaning to post.  I try to post them tomorrow. 

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